Hello world!

This is the inaugural post on smagula.org. It marks the end of smagula.net, a site that I hand-coded about ten years ago and maintained until a month ago when someone else became the owner of that domain. Thanks old site, you served me well.

This site is proudly built with Drupal, and will offer many more features and functionality, from a nice litle blog, feed aggregation, calendars, slideshows, carousels, voting, ratings, and really just about anything I can teach myself to cobble together.

Drupal is an open source content management system and a social network platform, and a Web framework. All depends on what angle you're looking from. Smagula.org is in good company: Whitehouse.gov site, Economist.com, and social media sites like nowpublic.com.

Smagula.org was built with Creative Commons, free, and Open Source software:

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